1. Say "my wife and I"
Early on drop in "on behalf of my wife and I ", it will always receive a warm cheer from your guests and will help to settle your nerves

2. Focus on the bride.
Although you’ll want to reference the best man and poke a bit of fun at him, remember what your wedding is about – your relationship with your
bride, not your best mate, so spend more time talking about her and how she makes you feel and less time on the best man.

3. Compliment her
Make sure you tell your wife how beautiful she looks. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tell her in front of a large collection of
your friends and family, so make the most of it and make her feel amazing.

4. Avoid Jokes
Try to balance your hilarious one liners with a good dollop of sincerity. What is it about your wife that you love? How has your life
changed (for the better!) since she’s been in it?

5. Keep it clean
Make sure you don’t use bad language or distasteful content. Anything that could cause offense should be edited out.

6. Make eye contact with your new wife.
The more sincere elements of your groom’s speech will be more powerful if, when you’re talking about your wife, you actually make eye contact with her.

7. Keep lists of names short.
Try to avoid big lists of names of people. Mention those who mean something special to you and your wife and those who cannot be with you. Try to avoid huge lists of names that resemble a page from the phone book.

8. Thank the in-laws
As you are speaking on behalf of your wife and yourself, thank her parents on her behalf for all that they've done for her and for
allowing you to marry her and welcoming you into their family.

9. Mention your parents
Thank them for everything they have done for you, for the lifts to school, for making you into the person that you are – anything that shows their support.

10. Cross reference
Find out who is speaking before you and make sure you’re not repeating what they’re planning to say.

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In our last blog we gave you some information for Speeches and Toasts. This time we would like to offer some guidance for the Father of the Bride.


1. As the host it is very much your place to welcome everyone, hoping that they have enjoyed themselves with more to come.

2. Welcome the groom's family and friends, it is generally understood that the brides family provide the hospitality, wheteher or not the costs are actually shared.

3. Welcome the groom into your family, recount a funny story about the courtship or when you first met him. Give him your support 4. The most important part of your speech is your account of your daughter growing up, her transformation from a baby to a beautiful woman about to leave your fold and embark upon the journey into married life.

5. You may wish to give some advice to both your daughter and her husband, how to handle her, her likes and dislikes and anything you can  think of that makes for a long and happy marriage.

6. Finish by making the formal toast along the lines "Family and friends please be upstanding and join me in raising your glasses to... (names)... the bride and groom.

Sit down and enjoy the rest of the day.

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Toasts and Speeches are often regarded as a great source of worry to the people who are called upon to make them, but it is a great honour to propose a toast or make a speech at a wedding and with a little bit of planning a great deal of satisfaction can be derived from the occasion.

A few basic rules.

1. Dont leave the preparation of your speech to the last minute.

2. If you don't bother to much effort into your speech, you won't get  much out of it.

3. Have the main points written down on paper or card, number the pages, write in large letters so that you can read them from the table
while you are standing up.

4. Always use your own words as it makes it so much easier to memorise  your speech.

5. Practice your speech before the day. this can be done with a friend who may offer some help or advice, or by standing in front of a mirror
when you have the house to yourself.

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